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Is it possible to exchange VENUM CUSTOM boxing gloves?

VENUM CUSTOM gloves are neither refundable nor exchangeable if they comply with the specifications of the order received. However, if you receive a defective product or a product not in conformity with your order (material and / or color) then a refund or exchange will be proposed.

The time for exchange is 30 days from receipt of your gloves.

If you notice a quality problem with VENUM CUSTOM boxing gloves, please contact our dedicated after-sales service at the following address: for the America zone,

Do not forget to fill in your phone number when you make your purchase, as well as when sending your email to the After Sales Service, so that we can contact you if necessary.

Is it possible to cancel a VENUM CUSTOM order?

All orders placed are automatically processed as soon as they are confirmed. It is therefore very difficult to modify or cancel your order after validation and payment. It is desirable to contact us as soon as possible, through our customer service by phone or web-chat (see the footer of the site from which you place your order). An email is acceptable but will be received and processed less quickly.

Before proceeding to the validation and payment of your VENUM CUSTOM creation, be certain of your size and design choices.

How can I follow/track a VENUM CUSTOM order?

It is possible to track your order like all those placed on the Venum site once it has been shipped (about 5 weeks after its validation): all the respective information will be collected in an email that you will receive.

Why are VENUM CUSTOM orders separated from the rest of your items?

The orders you place on our site relate to products in stock in one of our warehouses. A Venum custom order is for a unique product that does not exist yet. These orders are processed by a different system. As with all other orders, however, you will receive a confirmation by email and a further message at the time of shipment.

What is the delivery time of VENUM CUSTOM gloves?

The estimated time is 4/6 weeks. We will however do our best to deliver to you faster.

Is it possible to get VENUM CUSTOM gloves everywhere?

VENUM CUSTOM Boxing Gloves are available almost everywhere. To find out if your address is served simply create a customer account on our site. If you do not find your country in the list, it means that we are not able to deliver to you at this time.

Are there any restrictions on the design of VENUM CUSTOM gloves?

The only real restriction with VENUM CUSTOM boxing gloves is your imagination! ;-)

You should not feel constrained by the infinite combinations of colors and possible materials.

Once your VENUM CUSTOM Glove is validated and approved by you, our technical team will contact you by email if there are any difficulties of discrepancies about the relevance of your choices. Our intention here is to make sure you have approved and validated what you want to receive. Indeed once the manufacturing of the product launches, it is no longer possible to request a refund or cancellation.

We allow a period of 7 days after the email sent to begin manufacturing.

Is there a difference between VENUM CUSTOM boxing gloves and Venum "standard" gloves?

There is no difference in quality or performance between VENUM CUSTOM gloves and other Venum products from the corresponding collections. The construction of each glove is the same. The difference in price is due to the complexity imposed by the individual manufacturing specifications of each pair of VENUM CUSTOM gloves.

Is there a difference between the final product and the 3D rendering of VENUM CUSTOM?

The colors of the VENUM CUSTOM gloves will be as close to the colors of the 3D rendering as possible. However, it is possible that minimal differences occur: this may be due to differences in the quality or adjustments of customer computer screens but also to the choice of glove material. We do our best to deliver a final product that meets your expectations. Our tests and our experience show that in most cases the product from the VENUM CUSTOM production line is more impressive than its corresponding 3D depiction.

Is it possible to share a design?

You can share your creation on all platforms and social networks. All you need to do is take a screen shot by clicking on the "camera" icon on the VENUM CUSTOM platform. This will automatically upload a capture of your creation, which you can share like any other photo. Be aware that people who have seen and appreciated your design will be able to create it on the VENUM CUSTOM platform.

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